This survey closed on February 5, 2010. This copy of the survey remains for historical record. Click here to see the results of the survey.

Please respond to this questionnaire as soon as possible but before Feb. 5, 2010. This information is requested on behalf of the DOE Office of Science and is required in advance of the workshop on 3He sponsored by the AAAS,

The names of individuals and their groups in this questionnaire will be held confidential; only totals and averages will be reported. However if you will provide your e-mail address this will ensure that you are copied on the final tallies. Please circulate this message to other colleagues, particularly those who you think might not be on the LT25 or QFS2009 list serve.

Questions: Bill Halperin 847-491-3686; Physics Department, Northwestern University, Evanston IL 60208;


Please designate your research group or company:

senior group-investigator’s last name
your e-mail address
check if you are in USA  

Use of 3He:

How many liters of 3He gas has your group purchased in the past ten years?

liters, 3He  for new dilution or 3He refrigerator construction
liters, 3He for maintenance or replacement in old dilution or 3He refrigerators
liters, 3He for cryogenic sample gas
liters TOTAL in ten years

If you purchased 3He in the past year please specify:


Research or Subject Area:

For what purpose does your group purchase 3He gas? Check all that apply.

Quantum Fluids and Solids
Quantum Information
Electronic Materials
Quantum Resonators
Quantum Transport
Refrigeration Instrumentation
Detector Instrumentation
Other (please specify)

Student and Postdoc Training:

Number of grad. students in above research group in ten years using 3He
Number of postdocs from above research groups in ten years using 3He

Research Funding Requiring 3He:

Approximate total funding over ten years (in units of k$) for programs that depend on 3He.