Travel Details and maps:

If you are driving, you can use Northwestern University's directions to Evanston.

If you come by taxi, tell the driver to take you to your Evanston destination, such as Foster-Walker residence at Northwestern University in Evanston , or your hotel.

From O'Hare International Airport to Evanston the ride to Evanston takes 35-50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather.

Evanston Taxis from the airport: We recommend taking an Evanston taxi. They are cheaper and the drivers more knowledgeable. However, you must call their telephone number after your arrival at the airport, and after you have collected your checked bags. Tell them you want to be picked up at O'Hare airport to go to Evanston. They will ask you for your airline and your name. They will give you the taxicab number and then you should wait for the taxi at the arrival level (lower level) in the second lane across from the last door of your terminal (toward your right when exiting). The fare to Evanston is a flat rate of $33 for one person plus tip. It may take approximately 10-15 minutes for the taxi cab to come to the airport in order to pick you up after you call.

Taxi service:

Norshore Taxi: Light yellow color with red markings: Call them at 1-800-244-9200 or 1-847-864-7500. The charge is $33 plus tip.

303-Taxi: Blue and white colors: Call them at 1-847-733-0303. The charge is $33 plus tip.

Chicago Taxis from the airport: The fare to Evanston for the regular Chicago city cabs can be as high as $65. Some drivers do not know the Evanston area, and it is legal for Chicago city cabs to multiply the meter rate by 150% if they go to Evanston.

Bus Shuttle service:

A suburban bus shuttle service is available with single one-way fare $36. Reservations can be made on-line. and will be cheaper than taxis for 4 or more persons in the group.

Train Service Evanston/Chicago:

Travel to Chicago from Evanston: The Chicago Transit Authorities' (CTA) "L" train is the cheapest and easiest way to get to Chicago. There are 9 stops in Evanston and the three closest to you are the Davis Street stop (further south but near downtown Evanston), the Foster Street stop (two blocks from Foster-Walker residence), and the Noyes Street stop (further north and 3 blocks west of Northwestern's campus) all three are within walking distance in less than 15 minutes. The Evanston train is called the Purple Line. During rush hour it travels without a change of train to Chicago (Express train, 40 minutes to the "Loop"). Off rush hours you must change trains at the Howard Street stop (the border between Chicago and Evanston) from the Purple Line train to the Red Line train southbound into Chicago (50 minutes to the "Loop").

The "L" Express trains run during the time intervals:

Evanston/Linden to Loop              
Loop to Evanston/Linden            

A CTA transit card is needed to board a train. All CTA rail stations have Transit Card Vending Machines which vend and reload Transit Cards. The full fare for the trains is $2.25. If you transfer trains within 2 hours of your first ride the cost is $0.25 and a second transfer within 2 hours of your initial ride is free. 2 hours after your initial ride boarding a train will cost the full fair of $2.25.

At certain rail stations (for example, the stations at O'Hare and Midway Airports), CTA Pass Machines accept cash or credit cards and dispense 3-Day and 7-Day passes, which allow for unlimited rides for one person over a designated period of time.

Complete information regarding CTA trains and buses, including schedules and fare information, can be found at:

A selection of interesting sightseeing/tourist attractions along the Red Line train into Chicago include:

Hopleaf Bar : Specializing in a wide variety of North American and Belgian beers. Be sure to try the Belgian style mussels, delicious! Located near the corner of Ashland and Clark approximately 6 blocks west and 2 blocks south of the Berwyn Red Line station.

Greenmill Cocktail Lounge : Located in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, the Greenmill is a classic 1930-1940's jazz club and bar. Al Capone and his henchmen were famous regulars of the Greenmill. The club was once owned by Capone's right hand man "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn. The Green Mill is located at the intersection of Lawrence and Broadway approximately one block west of the Lawrence Red Line station.

Wrigley Field: Historic home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Located just west of the Addison Red Line station.

Signature Lounge in the John Hancock Center: Located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower, Chicago's 3rd tallest building, the Signature Lounge offers an amazing view of the Chicago skyline. Approximately 3 blocks east and 2 blocks south of the Chicago Red Line station.

The Loop: The center of downtown Chicago. The Loop offers a multitude of sightseeing and shopping opportunities (including the Magnificent Mile along Michigan Ave) and can be easily accessed from the Chicago, Grand, Lake, Monroe, Jackson, and Harrison Red Line stations.

Navy Pier : Ample dining and shopping opportunities with a beautiful view of Chicago's lake front. Home to a replica of the first Ferris Wheel which was presented in Chicago during the 1893 Worlds Fair.

Millennium Park: Outdoor center for music and architecture, including the Jay Pritzker Pavilion designed by Frank Gehry and the 110 ton steel sculpture know to locals as "The Bean". Located 3 blocks east and 1 block south of the Lake Red Line station.

Art Institute of Chicago : Free Admission on Thursday evenings from 5-8pm. Located near Lake Michigan approximately 2 blocks east of the Monroe Red Line station.

Sear Tower: The tallest building in the United States. The "Skydeck" located on the 103rd floor of the building provides a breathtaking view of the city. Located in the west loop approximately 8 blocks west of the Jackson Red Line station.

Chinatown : Landmarks include the Nine Dragon Wall and the Chinatown Square Mosaic. Loads of authentic Asian cuisine and stores. Located very near the Cermak/Chinatown Red Line station.

US Cellular Field (Comiskey Park): Home of the Chicago White Sox baseball team. Located just west of the Sox-35th Red Line station.